Spatial distribution of heat flux from a warm tip over a cold substrate

The files for this example may be found in the share/scuff-em/examples/TipSubstrate subdirectory of your scuff-em installation.

gmsh geometry files for paraboloidal tip and cylindrical substrate

The following script generates coarse and fine meshes of these objects; it uses this script.

for SHAPE in Paraboloid Cylinder
  for L in 1.0 0.5
    gmsh -2 -clscale ${L} ${SHAPE}.geo -o ${SHAPE}.msh
    RenameMesh ${SHAPE}.msh

gmsh geometry files

Tip-substrate picture

List of geometric transformations

List of evaluation points

Run scuff-neq

ARGS="${ARGS} --geometry ../TipSubstrate_Fine.scuffgeo"
ARGS="${ARGS} --TransFile ../TipSubstrate.trans"
ARGS="${ARGS} --Omega 0.7"
ARGS="${ARGS} --EPFile ../EPFile"
ARGS="${ARGS} --Power --ZForce"

scuff-neq ${ARGS}

Plot -directed Poynting flux from the tip through the vacuum and into the substrate:

gnuplot> plot 'TipSubstrate_Fine.SRFlux' u 5:9

Tip-substrate data