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scuff-em Tutorial Examples: Table of contents

The scuff-em distribution comes with a large number of tutorial examples, organized below by the field of science or engineering to which they belong. After a successful installation, the input files and other data needed to run these will be installed in the directory ${prefix}/share/scuff-em/examples, where ${prefix} is the installation path you specified when building scuff-em.

Note that the tutorial examples are designed to illustrate various capabilities of scuff-em from the user's perspective; you may also be interested in the scuff-em test suite, which is designed to benchmark and validate the correctness of scuff-em calculations in various canonical physics and engineering problems with known solutions.

Photonics, plasmonics, transmission, imaging

RF device modeling

Fluctuation-induced phenomena

Pure electrostatics

BU Symposium on Open-Source CAD Tools for Photonic Design Modeling