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If you find any inconsistencies or missing bits in the documentation, please file an issue on the scuff-em GitHub page.

scuff-em documentation: Table of contents

Tutorial Examples

Photonics, plasmonics, transmission, imaging

RF device modeling

Fluctuation-induced phenomena

Pure electrostatics

BU Symposium on Open-Source CAD Tools for Photonic Design Modeling

Test Suite

General reference

Command-line tools:

  • General reference for scuff-em command-line applications

  • Nanophotonics codes

  • Equilibrium Casimir codes

  • Non-equilibrium Casimir/ heat-transfer code

    • scuff-neq - radiative heat transfer and non-equilibrium Casimir forces/torques
  • RF / microwave engineering code

    • scuff-rf - multiport network parameters (S- and impedance parameters), and radiated fields, for passive RF and microwave structures.
  • Mode solver

    • scuff-spectrum - identification of frequencies, lifetimes, and field patterns of electromagnetic resonant modes in complex structures
  • Electrostatics code

    • scuff-static - pure electrostatics problems: capacitance matrices, DC polarizabilities, electrostatic potentials and fields
  • Utility codes

High-level interface

Low-level API

Developer reference

Technical memos