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Overview of the scuff-em Validation Test Suite

The scuff-em distribution includes a number of validation tests that use both the core library and the various dedicated application modules to solve physics problems with known (usuallly analytical) solutions.

One purpose of the test suite is to serve as battery of unit tests to catch bugs and regressions in the scuff-em development process. You can run the full unit-test suite in your local copy of the repository by saying % make check from the top of the source tree. The unit-tests are also incorporated into Travis continuous-integration framework to run the test suite automatically whenever any new code is committed to the scuff-em Github repository; you can check the status of the test suite in the latest repository versions here or from the icon in the README section of the GitHub page.

Beyond unit testing---which is really intended to catch minor things like inadvertent programming errors and missing files---the test suite is also useful for validating and benchmarking the performance of scuff-em on nontrivial physics and engineering problems.

Structure of the test suite

The various individual tests live in subfolders of the tests subdirectory of the scuff-em source repository; after make install they are copied to the directory $(prefix)/share/scuff-em/tests. The tests come in various formats: --C++ codes to be compiled and linked against libscuff to yield binary executables --python scripts to be run with the scuff-em python module, and --shell scripts that invoke scuff-scatter or other scuff-em command-line applications and compare the resulting output files to reference files.


Upon a successful scuff-em build and install, a binary utility code called CheckSCUFFData will be placed in $(prefix)/share/scuff-em/tests. This is a simple utility used by some tests to compare data files produced by scuff-em command-line applications to reference data files. The basic command-line syntax is

   CheckSCUFFData --data SCUFFOutput.dat --reference CorrectOutput.dat --checklist ChecklistFile

  • SCUFFOutput.dat is an output file produced by the scuff-em command-line code being tested (such as a .Zparms file produced by scuff-rf or a .NEQPFT file produced by scuff-neq)

  • CorrectOutput.dat---a reference file distributed with the scuff-em distribution---is the same output file as produced by a scuff-em version that is known to be correct

  • CheckListFile is a simple text file defining which data items in the output file are to be tested against their counterparts in the reference file. (For an example of a CheckListFile, see e.g. tests/Fresnel/Fresnel.Checklist..)

See the examples below and in the tests subdirectory of your scuff-em distribution for more detail on how this tool is used.

Descriptions of the individual tests in the validation suite

The various tests in the test suite are described in detail on the following pages, which also present comparisons of scuff-em results to known analytical solutions.

Running the scuff-em tests

Checking the results of validation tests